Pin It Wednesday

Pin It Wednesday: Creative Packaging Designs

This week’s theme for “Pin It Wednesday” is Creative Packaging Designs. To my unexpected amazement, one of my Pinterest boards, Creative Packaging Designs, was featured in Creative Bloq’s article, “30 brilliant Pinterest boards every designer should follow on Monday, November 5, 2012.” (View the screenshot below)


Here are some of my favorite Pinterest pins from one of my pinboards, Creative Packaging Designs:

Pin It Board: Creative Packaging Designs


This is a concept work from designer Samy Halim. It would be nice to have these Pantone paint cans available at the retail stores. It would be very helpful for those who use Pantone color swatches to pick out the paint color for their walls. 


For eye-glasses wearers, you don’t have to wear 3D glasses along with your glasses at the movie theater anymore! Stix came up with a solution by creating these 3D stickers for your glasses. Pretty nifty, huh?


“This fabulous personalised Christmas sack is the ideal alternative to the old style of Christmas stockings. Stuff it with presents and you’ll be guaranteed a great start to Christmas day!” – Harrow & Green


I like the idea of this picnic packaging! It was designed by a student Maria Fernanda Suarez Cuberos, under the direction of Emili Padros in Puntes Xavier company, for the Masters in Packaging Design ELISAVA, School of Design i Enginyeria Barcelona, Spain.

To view other ‘Creative Packaging Designs’ pins, click here

Hope you have an awesome day! 


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