Pin It Wednesday

Pin It Wednesday: Fun Office Artwork

This week’s theme for “Pin It Wednesday” is Fun Office Artwork & Wall Decor. These are things you can decorate your office walls with to make them more functional and fun. At least you will be feeling more organized and think more clearly at work (right after a cup of coffee!).

Pin It Board: Fun Office Artwork & Wall Decor

This print makes me smile each time I look at this photo. “Never Finish” poster can be found at


You can spell it out with these cork letters via Urban Outfitters. As for me, I like the word ‘work’ because it motivates me to work smarter.


You can customize your wall decor with Tempaper. It lets you design your own wallpaper. Fashion a pattern from family photos or postcards. Bonus: The removable wallpaper is easy to peel off when you decide to “collect” something new.  

I found this information via Pinterest, which leads to Country Living magazine’s article, ‘6 Amazing Small-Space Decorating Ideas.’


I love how they used old belts as shelf holders.  And… it is a DIY Project! Kate Pruitt (blogger at Design*Sponge) shows you how to make a recycled leather & wood shelf. What a fun way to decor your office wall!


I found this pin via Pinterest user, Dwell Media, which leads to ‘Like Idea’ blog. 

From their blog post, it said: “Wall: 12 meter long in timber offcuts. Some protrude to act as small shelves. Table tops: recycled floorboards + furniture from flea markets.” (They found this source via Dezeen magazine, “Slowpoke Cafe by Sasufi.”)

I would love to have this wood block wall in my office. It is very interesting to look at.

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Hope you have an awesome day at work! 

– Kelly

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