The Phases of Getting Started: Web Design


I know what it is like not knowing where to start. That is what I am here for… to help you get a head-start with your web site project and also to make this process less intimidating. 

Phase 1 – Collect your Company’s Marketing Materials
Start preparing a press kit for your company by collecting all of your company’s marketing materials such as:
– Company logo
– Business cards
– Promotional postcards
– Brochures
– Hangtags
– Catalogs
– Customer testimonials
– List of your services and/or products
– Price list

By doing this, it will help you decide what kind of company information you need to include for your prospective web site.
Phase 2 – Identifying your Goals for your New Web Site 

– Why does your company need this web site?
– Why will your visitors need this web site?
– Describe what your site will do or be.
– What type of site do you have in mind (brochure style, catalog style, eCommerce, portfolio, wedding style, etc.)?
– What are your budget and schedule restraints?

Phase 3 – Register for your Domain Name & Web Hosting
If your company doesn’t have a domain name for your prospective site, then it is better to register for a domain name as soon as possible before someone else registers for same domain name.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for a web hosting plan.  
Not sure which web hosting plan to sign up for your prospective site? Before you sign up for their plan, read their list of features that are included in the plan.  If it fits your wants and needs (and also your budget) for your prospective site, then it’s the one.  Still not sure? Not to worry, you can contact me for assistance.
– Kelly

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