Pin It Wednesday

Pin It Wednesday: Pantone Inspired Finds

Being a graphic designer & web designer, I admit that I am a fan of Pantone even though I use Pantone for work.  While I was browsing on Pinterest, I found several things that are Pantone inspired and I even pinned one of them from one of my favorite blogs, “Paper Playne.”

From Pin Board: Breakfast Inspiration

I would love to have one of these Pantone-inspired french press pot and sugar bowl to make coffee with.



From Pin Board: Fun Office Artwork & Wall Decor


This clock, Pantime, was created by James Beattie of Bedford College, UK and it is his student project.

From Pin Board: Eye-Catching Colors


I pinned Edible Pantone Tarts from one of my favorite blogs, Paper Playne, but it was originally created by Griottes (this blog is in french but I can read most of it).


It was Jessica of How About Orange who created this DIY tutorial, Pantone Easter eggs.  I am going to try this for next year’s Easter!

Have a ‘Pan-tastic’ day!

– Kelly

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