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  • Pin It Wednesday: Creative Packaging Designs

    This week's theme for "Pin It Wednesday" is Creative Packaging Designs. To my unexpected amazement, one of my Pinterest boards, Creative Packaging Designs, was featured in Creative Bloq's article, "30 brilliant Pinterest boards every designer should follow on Monday, November 5, 2012." (View the screenshot below)

    Here are some of my favorite Pinterest pins from one of my pinboards, Creative Packaging Designs:

    Pin It Board: Creative Packaging Designs

    This is a concept work from designer Samy Halim. It would be nice to have these Pantone paint cans available at the retail stores. It would be very helpful for those who use Pantone color swatches to pick out the paint color for their walls.

    For eye-glasses wearers, you don't have to wear 3D glasses along with your glasses at the movie theater anymore! Stix came up with a solution by creating these 3D stickers for your glasses. Pretty nifty, huh?

    "This fabulous personalised Christmas sack is the ideal alternative to the old style of Christmas stockings. Stuff it with presents and you'll be guaranteed a great start to Christmas day!" - Harrow & Green

    I like the idea of this picnic packaging! It was designed by a student Maria Fernanda Suarez Cuberos, under the direction of Emili Padros in Puntes Xavier company, for the Masters in Packaging Design ELISAVA, School of Design i Enginyeria Barcelona, Spain.

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    Hope you have an awesome day!

  • {Web Design Portfolio} Coastal Designs

    {Web Design Portfolio} Coastal Designs

    About Coastal Designs

    Coastal Designs is a residential design firm based in Wilmington, North Carolina specializing in beach cottages, townhomes, and traditional homes.

    I re-designed Coastal Designs' website with a new coastal-inspired color scheme, wider layout design, and additional features.

    This website consists:

    - 100+ web pages.
    - jQuery Image Slider (displayed on the home web page).
    - Lists of the house plans under categories: Under 2,000 sf, Over 2,000 sf, Duplex, Townhomes, Traditional, etc.
    - Installment of PayPal buttons for 'Order Brochures' web page and also for new web page, 'Order Books.'
    - Installment of social media buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

    I also managed Coastal Designs' Blogger blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Houzz pages. (Dennis manages his company's Pinterest page.)

    Type of Service(s):

    - Web Design
    - Blog Design
    - Social Media Management & Marketing
    - Blog Management & Marketing
    - Internet Marketing

    Launch Date: June 2006

    Latest Redesign Date: August 2012

    Last Updated: February 2014

    This is one of ongoing web projects I am currently working on. I have been designing and maintaining Coastal Designs website since 2006.

    Web Designer: Kelly Mercer

  • Understanding Tumblr: What is Tumblr?

    Understanding Tumblr: What is Tumblr?

    Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website, owned and operated by Tumblr, Inc. It is like combining both social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, in one site. Tumblr has been online since 2007 and was founded by David Karp.

    As for me, I learned about Tumblr for the first time around late 2007/early 2008. At that time, I wasn't sure what Tumblr was about or what it does. After a month of doing a bit of research and exploring their dashboard, I finally understood that it is similar to having a blog of your own, but in their own style that you won't see or find on other blog platforms such as Blogger or WordPress. That is one of many things that makes Tumblr unique.

    What are other things that make Tumblr unique?

    1. There are different types of blog posts: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Video, and Audio.

    2. You can follow other Tumblr blogs that engage your interests and you can also like (heart icon) or re-blog (two arrows icon) their post(s) if their posts are relevant to your blog content/theme.

    3. There are ways that people can find your Tumblr blog such as keywords through Tumblr's search engine, and also through the list of people who liked and reblogged your Tumblr post(s).

      This image shows you where you can see the keywords (hashtags) on the bottom of the image. Also, you can see the list of Tumblr users who liked and reblogged one of my Tumblr posts, 'The Five Phases of Web Design.'

      There is another way for other Tumblr users to find your Tumblr blog is when someone re-blogged your Tumblr post. Your Tumblr username will appear on their Tumblr blog for those who want to know the source to your Tumblr post.

      This image shows you that my Tumblr blog (Marketing for Breakfast) re-blogged Fastcompany's Tumblr post. You can see that their Tumblr username appeared on my Tumblr blog (as seen on the bottom of the image).

      I hope all of this makes sense to you. Please let me know if you have any questions about this post.

      Thank you!
      - Kelly

  • Pin It Wednesday: Fun Office Artwork

    This week's theme for "Pin It Wednesday" is Fun Office Artwork & Wall Decor. These are things you can decorate your office walls with to make them more functional and fun. At least you will be feeling more organized and think more clearly at work (right after a cup of coffee!)

    Pin It Board: Fun Office Artwork & Wall Decor

    This print makes me smile each time I look at this photo. "Never Finish" poster can be found at

    You can spell it out with these cork letters via Urban Outfitters. As for me, I like the word 'work' because it motivates me to work smarter.

    You can customize your wall decor with Tempaper. It lets you design your own wallpaper. Fashion a pattern from family photos or postcards. Bonus: The removable wallpaper is easy to peel off when you decide to "collect" something new. 

    I found this information via Pinterest, which leads to Country Living magazine's article, '6 Amazing Small-Space Decorating Ideas.'

    I love how they used old belts as shelf holders.  And... it is a DIY Project! Kate Pruitt (blogger at Design*Sponge) shows you how to make a recycled leather & wood shelf. What a fun way to decor your office wall!

    I found this pin via Pinterest user, Dwell Media, which leads to 'Like Idea' blog.

    From their blog post, it said: "Wall: 12 meter long in timber offcuts. Some protrude to act as small shelves. Table tops: recycled floorboards + furniture from flea markets."
    (They found this source via Dezeen magazine, "Slowpoke Cafe by Sasufi.")

    I would love to have this wood block wall in my office. It is very interesting to look at.

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    Hope you have an awesome day at work!

    - Kelly

  • The Five Phases of Web Design

    The Five Phases of Web Design

    Phase 1 - Strategy (i.e., Planning your Web Site)
    During this phase, I will be gathering information from you and getting to know your business' needs and wants for your prospective web site. This shouldn't take a long time to complete - at least one or two meetings (or two or three emails back and forth) will cover it.
    Phase 2 - Design (i.e., Designing your Web Site)
    I will be working out the "look and feel" of the prospective web site.  I will consult with you on developing navigation, style, and features for your site.  I will create a "mock-up" web site layout design to see if we are on the right track or if it needs some adjustments. Once you approve the final mock-up design, then we will move onto phase 3 (production).
    Phase 3 - Production (i.e., Developing your Web Site)
    This is when I bring your prospective web site to life using HTML, CSS, other web programming languages, photos, graphics, wording, and web features (social media widgets/buttons, Google Map, etc). It may take a while to complete this phase depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.
    Phase 4 - Delivery (i.e., Testing your Web Site)
    In this phase, I will be working out the kinks, setting up a beta site for viewing and testing, making final changes, and adding final content. As soon as I finished testing your site, it will be launched! All you have to do is go out and celebrate!
    Phase 5 - Maintenance & Site Updates
    After your web site has been launched, the maintenance and site updates begin.  This depends on how often your web site needs to be updated.  If you are not sure what kind of site updates, here are some examples:

    - Updating your company information (address, phone number, etc).
    - New content and/or information to add to your site.
    - Graphics and/or photos to add or replace.
    - Improving your web site in small areas to satisfy your customer's user experience.

    Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about these phases. Thanks!
    - Kelly
  • Pin It Wednesday: Let's Go Camping!

    I went on a mini trip up to the mountains a few weeks ago and became inspired by all things that were outdoorsy. Also, I created a pin board, Let's Go Camping!, on Pinterest earlier this Summer because I knew one day soon I will be visiting the mountains again.

    "Sea What You've Been Missing." (Grandfather Mtn.)
    (Taken with Instagram)

    From Pin Board: Let's Go Camping!

    Fold Out Camping Car


    Make a Mini S'Mores Grill

    Stormproof matches

    To view other 'Let's Go Camping!' pins, click here.

    Hope you enjoy these camping finds as much as I do!

    - Kelly

  • The Phases of Getting Started: Web Design

    The Phases of Getting Started: Web Design

    I know what it is like not knowing where to start. That is what I am here for... to help you get a head-start with your web site project and also to make this process less intimidating.

    Phase 1 - Collect your Company's Marketing Materials
    Start preparing a press kit for your company by collecting all of your company's marketing materials such as:

    - Company logo
    - Business cards
    - Promotional postcards
    - Brochures
    - Hangtags
    - Catalogs
    - Customer testimonials
    - List of your services and/or products
    - Price list

    By doing this, it will help you decide what kind of company information you need to include for your prospective web site.

    Phase 2 - Identifying your Goals for your New Web Site

    - Why does your company need this web site?
    - Why will your visitors need this web site?
    - Describe what your site will do or be.
    - What type of site do you have in mind (brochure style, catalog style, eCommerce, portfolio, wedding style, etc.)?
    - What are your budget and schedule restraints?

    Phase 3 - Register for your Domain Name & Web Hosting
    If your company doesn't have a domain name for your prospective site, then it is better to register for a domain name as soon as possible before someone else registers for same domain name.  Also, don't forget to sign up for a web hosting plan. 
    Not sure which web hosting plan to sign up for your prospective site? Before you sign up for their plan, read their list of features that are included in the plan.  If it fits your wants and needs (and also your budget) for your prospective site, then it's the one.  Still not sure? Not to worry, you can contact me for assistance.
    - Kelly

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